Late post!

Sorry this is so late! I was lazy this morning before class.

Yesterday at the lake was SOOO much fun!! The weather was gorgeous, the water was glass. I got some great wakeboarding in and had a blasty with the friends. It was me and 7 guys haha but im used to that. I did wipe out a few times on the wakeboard and my neck is feeling it today. I am getting better at jumping though so im happy! I ended up only having 1256 calories by the end of the day (oops!) but after Tuesdays extravaganza, im pretty sure my body was cool with it.

Today I had my boxing class, followed by bi’s and tri’s and finally 45 minutes on the treadmill.

My triceps were sore after finishing the first exercise and i just beat them to death.(I’m so evil) My friend Mike worked out with me and we did his bicep workout that he does…it was good! 10 curls, 12 curls with a bar(in my case the 25 pound bar..not the 45 ha), then 10 hammer curls. That is one set with no rest. You do that 3 times. Then we did cable curls and I started at 6(not sure what weight it just says 6 lol) and did 8 reps at 6, 8 reps at 5, etc. until i had done the rest of that rack. Muscle Fatigue was written all over that workout.

I had one class already and am just hanging out at home until my next class which doesn’t start until 6:30. Remind me not to sign up for night classes anymore because I hate that I still have more class tonight. :-/

Tomorrow I will be working out in the morning, heading to work for a few hours, and then hanging out wtih my friend Rick. He wants to go rollerblading haha and then we’re probably going to jump in the pool because have I mentioned that the weather has been like 95-100 degrees all week?! Yeah summer is here for the Arizonanans.

Today I ended at 2051 calories(goal was 2000).

Tomorrow is an 1800 calorie day. I will start posting my daily ending totals. Just for fun 🙂

Have a good one!


One thought on “Late post!

  1. jeimayprovy says:

    i’m so jealous of your gorgeous weather!! i can’t wait until i’m in cali and i don’t have to deal with the snow and rain here in wisconsin. great workout yesterday and the lake sounds amazing!! i can’t wait to get back on the lake when the weather is nice 🙂


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