That is how I would describe myself yesterday. My cravings got the best of me. I decided that I have been on track for 8 days, so since I was having all these cravings, and I beat them over the weekend, that I would give in to them so that I wouldn’t be having all the cravings. I am not beating myself up or feeling bad, but i AM feeling like a LAME ASS. It was just dumb. I am glad I did it, but still feel lame for doing it. Athletes don’t do this. People with a goal DO NOT do this. You toughen it out. I just know I have about 3 months until my show, so I am being….LAME!!

Anyways, that makes 4 days this month that i have been LAME and eaten crappy shitty food out of stupid cravings. 4 is my limit per month that I give myself, so that means there are definitely no more of those this month. January and February I only had 1 bad day each month. March I had 4 and April is looking the same. I am looking good and my legs are leaning out big time, as well as my glutes, so I definitely can’t keep doing this or shit will hit the fan.

As I was doing squats on Monday my trainer even said that my hamstrings were “popping.” You know how long I have wanted that?!?!!? So I will not throw it away over dumb cravings.

Eating crappy food also doesn’t sit well with me, as in, it made me sick last night. That just proved to me that this stuff SHOULD NOT be put into my body. They label this stuff as food, however, it is just something that is meant to mimic real food. Last time I checked, our bodies weren’t made to digest teddy grahams or fritos.

Anyways enough ranting, I’m really not feeling that depressed feeling that I used to get after a binge because my mindset is so much diffferent than it was then. I feel that before I was haunted by the fear of not getting back on track, whereas now I KNOW i can get back on track. I have the tools and the knowledge and best of all, I LOVE eating clean wholesome foods. I feel great and it fuels me and I see results. There is no greater reward.

Breakfast today was 1 cup of egg whites with 1 cup of spinach and some asparagus on the side. I ate enough carbs yesterday to last me through today so veggies will be the only ones entering this body today. Tomorrow will be back to normal completely. I don’t believe in starving myself after a binge, just nursing myself back to health with the foods it needs and WATER.

I am going to the lake this afternoon too and it is supposed to be about 95 so i can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “lame

  1. Reese says:

    Hey I feel you girl…sometimes the carb monster gets the best of us! Good for you for not dwelling and just moving on!!

    Do happen to have any sample ham/glute/quad workouts?? my legs and butt are my trouble areas too and I would love to see mine tone up!


  2. fittingbackin says:

    Definitely – carb monster or TOM or stress – so many things that lead to binging on crap that you don’ need just crave and then you feel like crap. NO fun! 1 day in Jan. and Feb. and 4 in March and April is pretty badass though! you’re doing great – keep it up and congrats on your legs – woo!


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