Make her get out of here!!

I’m talking about my Aunt….Aunt Flow. She actually hasn’t arrived yet, but you would think she has with the damn CRAVINGS i’m having. I seriously was II<— that close to just eating whatever I wanted yesterday. I was ready for it, about to hit the road and go to my dads and pig out on everything. Just as I was about to leave I got a text from some friends to meet them at a bar. It was a God send i'm telling you. I took it as a sign and I went out and didn't pig out. It was SUCH a close call. I wish she would just come and go already because she is driving me NUTS. She is taking away my will power!!! Someone kick her out!! Haha

Anyways, I am very proud that i didnt give in to those cravings and I stayed on plan. She better not try again today!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Friday night I went to my friends show, and then got up Saturday morning and poked around Kohl’s(if there is one in your area they have a ton of racks for like 80% off clothing, jewelry, purses, etc. so I highly reccomend it!) Of course I didn’t end up getting anything but two rings. (I love cheap jewelry) Then I hit up Whole Foods and got some loot. I swear if I could pitch a tent in whole foods and live there, I just might :)I feel healthy just walking around there. After Whole Foods I relaxed at home for a bit and then went and hiked Camelback with my friend Jorge. Our pace was fast yesterday and we got to the top in just 32 minutes! We are trying to get it down to 25, but it will take time. That mountain makes your legs feel like jello. If I did that everyday, I really wouldn’t even need to ever work my legs out. Climbing all those boulders really gets ya! After the hike, I relaxed some more and then met my friends Perry and Dusty(the life savers that took me away from my almost pig out sesh) at a bar called Gilligin’s. We hung out there for a while and then headed to Perry’s friends house to watch the UFC fights.(Not that i really cared to see them, but if they are on I like watching.)

I left there and went to a bar called The Office. My sister’s boyfriends dads band was playing there. They play classic rock songs. It was a fun time hanging out with them and a few of my friends met up there too. I headed home about midnight and crashed out.

This morning i have a softball game. I am going to try to get a hike in afterwards and then I’m playing volleyball this afternoon.

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Make her get out of here!!

  1. jeimayprovy says:

    Wow you had a TON of physical activity this weekend..great job!! And good job on resisting the urge to pig out im not sure i would’ve had the same good willpower 🙂


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