No more carb face!

My carb face is GONE thank god. This morning for breakfast I had the usual: 1 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup rolled oats topped with 1/2 TBSP almond butter and 1/2 banana. I ate this with a grapefruit and the other half of the banana. I like to eat a pretty substantial breakfast before my workouts(especially Tuesday’s and Thursday’s because I box before my workout).

This morning boxing was TOUGH. One of the combos was to do 5 hooks, 5 kicks, and then sprint about 50 yards and back. We did this 3 times and although it might not sound too bad, it was the hardest thing he has ever made us do(in my opinion.) I was breathing so hard it was crazy! He looked at me and said “oh finally!”

After boxing, my friend Mike met me at the gym. He works out on his own and wanted to work out with me because he is looking to step up his workouts. He requested that we do Shoulders and i can’t turn down a good shoulder workout!! I pushed it hard today. Partly because I wanted to make sure he got an excellent workout and partly because I like pushing myself! Needless to say, both of our shoulders are d.e.a.d.

Exercises were compound sets(2 exercises right in a row with no rest, same muscle. This differs from a superset, in which you do 2 back-to-back exercises that work two different muscles). Here’s what we did:

-Military Press/Lateral Raises
-Lying Shoulder Pulls(i made that up because i don’t know that these even have a name)/One arm Rear Delt Cable Crossovers
-Front Raises/Band Shoulder Press(these were hard!!)
-Cable Front Raise/Cable Lateral Raise

We then did some abs to finish it up. We were in the weight room for an hour and 15 minutes!! We both agreed that our shoulders were annhilated though, so we succeeded!

Afterwards, i dragged him on the never-ending treadmill walk. 15% Incline at 3.3 mph. We couldn’t get 2 treadmills next to eachother so we just texted the whole time. It went by as fast as an hour on the treadmill can go by.

Here is the kicker…my wonderful, lovely, great apartment complex decided that for the next 3 days they would shut off the water between 9AM and 6PM to “fix” the water pipes. Good thing I got home at 10am and yeah….no shower for this girl! 3.5 hours at the gym…no shower. LOVELY!

Why couldn’t they do this at night when everybody is SLEEPING?! I understand most people aren’t home during the day, but some of us are, and really…who showers at 2 am???? NOBODY, so TURN THE WATER OFF THEN. Ughh.

Back to eats…..
Post workout was 2 cups of egg whites, a whole bag of baby brussels sprouts(i love those things!) and some strawberries.

Off to class…………


3 thoughts on “No more carb face!

  1. Reese says:

    yay for no more carb face!! Usually it takes a full 2 days for my body to completely debloat. How in god’s name to do you have time to spend 3.5 hours in the gym lady?!?! If I have 29 hours in the day I might be able to lol…

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Thinspired says:

    Hey Lizzy, Thanks for your nice comments on my blog lately. I wish I could workout with you! All of your workouts sound like total killers, in the best way!


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