Note to self

When you tell your trainer “Work my legs so hard that I can barely walk out of the gym”…..he will do it!!!! At least mine will. After my carb-o-licious weekend, i knew what I needed to do. I must say, I was strong as f&*$ today!! I should have been….i had PLENTY of energy stored up ha. I was sweating so much it was like someone poured water over my head. It was intense. But i loved it!!!

After that killer leg workout, i waited about 15 minutes and went on another 5 mile run outside. It is soothing to the mind to just go out on the street and run. No iPod, no water bottle, no distractions(unless you count the FOUR dead birds i saw in my travels, and the passing cars haha) Seriously not sure what the whole dead bird thing was about. Obviously not a good route for birds. If they are reading this, this is my warning to you flying critters.

I did my 5 miles in 45 minutes. that is 4 minutes less than Friday. I think the mixture of my legs being stronger and the 2 month break from running has made me a better runner. Maybe that isn’t why, but whatever it is, my endurance and speed is improving a lot. I wasn’t pushing hard today and pumped out 9 minute miles. I love surprising myself 🙂

I have been nursing my health back. Loads of water, egg whites, asparagus, green beans, almonds, greek yogurt, a few strawberries.

I am not feeling quite as puffy but I still do see it in my face. I can always see it in my face, that is the most annoying part. Fellow blogger, Reese, put it best. Carb face. I like that haha.

I have been working most of the day and will be heading home shortly.
Tonight I am going to the guy’s (the one i went on a date with)hockey game. Still not sure what I think about this whole thing but I am open to finding out.

Dinner tonight will be a tuna steak and more vegetables. Yummy. Feels so good to eat healthy. Even if i didn’t have to, i still would. That is how Iknow that this is truly a lifestyle change. Although a good junky treat is in order here and there, i love my foods. I love my egg whites and my veggies, and my fruits. I love my almond butter and my oats. I love the way these foods make me feel. And lately I am loving water more and more and it is sometimes JUSt what i need to satisfy a craving.

I feel wonderful today (despite my carb face) and nothing can stop me in this journey.


2 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. jeimayprovy says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing workout…especially the running part! poor dead birds though huh? 🙂 anyway I’ve been meaning to ask you what brand of egg whites you suggest and how much they usually cost? I’ve been meaning to get some but don’t really know where to start. Have a great day! and like always thanks for being such an inspiration


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