So I kinda gave myself two “refeed” days this weekend. Saturday, I planned on it. I had been eating basically perfectly for 8 days straight and needed a little break. Cereal had my name on it along with a bunch of other crap. It was much needed and I felt okay about it. Not good, but okay.

Sunday rolled around. Do the normal thing….ate well during the day, hiked, played volleyball, and then dinner at my dads rolled around. I decided to say fuck it and again with the damn cereal! I had like 4 bowls of cereal it was ridiculous. I actually logged everything and my carb count for the weekend would make most anyone’s jaw drop.

Today, instead of hating myself(which I have done in the past ha) I really don’t. I don’t feel like i was “overtaken” by the food monster this weekend, I felt like I needed a break…and I gave myself one. It was a conscious decision. I could have implemeneted my ever growing will power, but chose not to, because I just knew if i didnt that all week I would be craving weird things. I know that TOM is coming soon, may be part of it, but either way I feel okay. Yes my rings are a little tight today which I hate…the water bloating is what really drives me insane..i absolutely HATE IT. But i know that goes away within a few days. I am ready to be back on plan and i feel like that little reset could have been helpful.

Anyways..this morning for breakfast, I had egg whites with spinach, a grapefruit, some strawberries and some greek yogurt. It’s off to the gym now for some LEG action with the trainer and then some cardio to try to burn some of this sh&*t off! hehe

Have a wonderful day!

How did you guys do this weekend as far as eating?? I know it was hard for many because of the holiday!!


2 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. Reese says:

    I totally know what you mean about the bloat…I get what I call “carb face” and my cheeks look like chipmunks! Good for you for not beating yourself up about it!!


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