Easter Sunday!

Good morning! Happy Easter!!

Sorry for the lame-o post the other night…I just wanted to get it up before I left.

The date?!?! Ehh…

First of all..the date was okay. We went to a drive-in movie and saw I love you man and Observe and Protect. Both were okay..didn’t really watch much of I love you man(not what your thinking perves!! Haha) We were talking a whole lot during that movie. Seriously!!!

But anyways..he is a cool guy but just not for me.

I am going to get into something that I haven’t talked about on here…..the ex!

The guy I dated over summer was much more than a summer fling. He has been a friend of mine since my freshman year of highschool(his senior year) Over the last 3 years..he has become one of my best friends. I have had a crush on him basically since the 3rd time I met him haha. He finally started showing interest in me after we were much older (like 2007) and we began “hooking up”(im not a slut i promise.) I should probably mention that he is a guitarist in a band that is semi-successful…so that should give you an idea of his personality..outgoing, crazy, hilarious, and an idiot. We have the same group of friends and last March, after I broke up with my then-current boyfriend, we decided to start dating. All of our friends had basically been waiting for this day to come because he is the guy version of me and vice versa. We get along so well its sick. Everything went to shit in June, and i told him i wanted to go back to being friends because i couldn’t deal with his antics(he is a party boy and literally allll over the place and i couldn’t keep track.) He knew it was the right thing, but we never stopped loving eachother. We still are both in love with eachother but know its not the right timing for us to be together because it just wouldn’t be the relationship either of us want at the moment. I’m fine with that, however it really makes dating hard because it is hard for me to block him out of my mind. I compare everyone to him and i want to be able to move on but it’s really hard when you truly love someone and know they are the person that fits you best. Buttttt, i will have to just get over it and move on!(This is not supposed to be a depressing post by the way..i have dealt with it long enough that i know how to deal with it and i can keep myself from getting too upset from it. So no worries i am a.o.k. :-))

Another flaw of mine…..

I have commitment issues. I can’t make plans with people because I know that I will probably end up flaking out. I don’t know what my deal is…but for example…

i am supposed to go on a long hike today with the guy i went on a date with….i told him i would…we have plans..but i know im going to bail…”why though lizzy?! don’t you love hiking?” Yup i do, and i plan on going, but I want to go to a different mountain and i want to go with a different friend. I just can’t see us going anywhere and I am already kind of sick of him. Why can’t i just say no in the first place though?! I need to learn to start saying no because ditching people is really NOT COOL.

Anyways…normal blogging will resume later today or tomorrow! Promise! Thanks for letting me vent!


One thought on “Easter Sunday!

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    I totally get what you are saying!!! Although I am proud to say I found my prince now, it took a lot of dating and meeting “nice” guys but not “the right” guy. I too had a guy like your ex and did the same thing. I walked away and tried dating around a little all the while still just waiting until we were going to be together again. 5 years later, I found the one I’m suppose to be with.

    You are being so patient 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us, it gives a little insight on who you are!


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