Short Term Investing

Hello all!! I thought I’d get a short update in since I have been gone for two days!

Vegas was SOOO much fun!!! We had a great group of people and i had an absolute blast!!
I did some short term investing at the blackjack table all weekend and lost it all haha. I was up then i was down then up then down and finally i was down and OUT. But i enjoyed every minute of it!!

Eating wise i did EXCELLENT. This was the coolest thing. I planned on not being very strict with my diet, and technically I wasn’t. I was ordering the foods that I WANTED…and they just so happened to be healthy.

Egg white omelete, fruit, vegetables, sashimi, spinach with pico de gallo(instead of salsa), shrimp, turkey breast, and almonds is what I ended up eating during the trip. Even at the buffets, the unhealthy foods really didn’t even look appetizing! This lifestyle change is really happening and its great!!

I ended up only having like two drinks the whole trip because i just was having too much fun with my gambling..errr i mean my short term investing(sounds much more responsible right? :-))

I didn’t do any formal exercise in vegas, but we walked up and down the strip 7 or 8 times. That is a lot of miles my friends. I haven’t walked that much..maybe ever ha.

Anyways i am back now and had a blast and just wanted to quickly update. I did get a great back workout this morning, hiked this afternoon and then played volleyball this evening. It feels great to be home but being on vacation is so nice!!

I will do a better and more thorough update tomorrow! Have a great Sunday night!


5 thoughts on “Short Term Investing

  1. LAT GIRL says:

    So glad you had a blast in Vegas! That sounds like sooooo much fun at the moment doing some short term investing! I’ll have to use that one next time I go gambling!!

    Good job on the eats!

    Lisa T.


  2. prettyface says:

    Good for you! You did great!

    Hey, question….How much of veggies do you usually eat? My trainer suggested 1/2 of whatever it was for me. What about Brussel sprouts? Since you’ve mentioned them a few times, I wanted to add that in. How much of that? 🙂


  3. Abby says:

    Sounds like fun! The last time I went to Vegas I ate everything I wanted, but like you said, we walked so much I burned it all off! That’s great though that you wanted the healthy stuff!!!


  4. Sunny says:

    Glad you had fun! I love Vegas and you’re right… the walking up and down the strip is great exercise. I never can resist a buffet or two though!


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