late in the game

So i am so behind on this creation, but i just have to say…..greek yogurt plus strawberries or blueberries= AMAZINGGGGG. I know you all knew this already, but i just tried it yesterday and i am HOOKED. I had it again today with blueberries yum yum yum!!

I got a good 8 hours of sleep last night with NO interruptions(i usually wake up at least once lately..not sure why) I needed that sleep and it was awesome.

My trainer was out sick today, so I was on my own. I did legs and it was great!! Squats, smith machine split squats, leg extensions, standing leg extensions, leg press, hip abductors…i think thats it? Then i finished it up with an hour on the treadmill doing my incline walk. I walked backwards on the incline for a few minutes also and that relaly BURNS the quads….but i will warn is very dangerous and im surprised i haven’t fallen of these days haha

Breakfast was egg whites with chopped bell peppers and spinach, 1/4 cup of rolled oats with a 1/2 banana and 1/2 TBSP almond butter, and 2 tangelos..and the other half of the banana.

Post workout: i just ate my greek yogurt(oikos 0% plain) with some blueberries, and now im enjoying egg whites with spinach and some brussels sprouts

I am so excited to have my egg whites back (i missed them the two days i was gone!!) and i am glad to have all my usual eats back. It’s funny i never thought I would miss my vegetables!!

Today i am going to the Diamondbacks season opener with my dad! He has season tickets front row! (If anyone is ever travelling out here and looking for tickets to a Dbax game we sell a lot of them because 81 games a year is just a bit ridiculous 🙂 So just ask!!)

I used to play baseball up until my freshman year of highschool.(NOT softball..BASEBALL with the boys) I loved it and it is a part of me. That was my life for so many years and my dad has always supported me with that. We are baseball buddies because nobody else in the family really cares about going to games. (Except my little brother likes to go for the food haha) So it means a lot when I get to go to the games with my dad. We have been going since I was 9 years old so it is really sentimental to go with him still 12 years later!

Going to work after the game(not sure if i mentioned i am going to be doing accounting for my dad’s company GO Media!) and then it is home for me to relax!! I’m STILL will do that to ya haha.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL rest of the day! Get some exercise in..even if its short…something is better than nothing!


4 thoughts on “late in the game

  1. Martin Family says:

    hey I love your blog! u r such an inspiration! i have been fighting to get back in shape for a while am so ready to get where I want to be. keep up the good work! oh yea and I’m an az girl too now living in cali.

    p.s. GO D-backs! if you are serious about selling tix my hubby and I r looking for some in June vs Angels when we’re visiting AZ!


  2. Jehanne says:

    You know whats even better than greek yoghurt with berries? Greek yoghurt with frozen blueberries AND a scoop of choc protein powder – has to be the natural yoghurt though – mmmmmmmmmmmmm – yummo – it is one of my fave treats! Give it a whirl 😉


  3. prettyface says:

    Alright Miss Microwave—so how do you cook egg whites? Do you just put it in a bowl and cook it for…how long? Lol. Looks like me and my microwave are gonna be best friends for the next two months with no stove :/


  4. Sunny says:

    I have to try greek yogurt! I usually buy plain french yogurt from Trader Joe’s… next time I will get the greek yogurt and see if there’s a difference!


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