Sorry for being such a bad blogger!! I have been super busy!!

Everything is still going well though no worries!! I will be leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning and coming back Saturday night. I am going to try to eat as well as possible and will obviously be having a few drinks, but lucky for me it only takes about 2 drinks to get me drunk since i don’t EVER drink.

I am already thinking about the eating situation and how I won’t have my fruits and veggies and egg whites on hand at any given moment, however I am going to bring some fruit, almonds, and protein powder with me so that I can try to eat at least 80% while there. I will indulge a little bit but NOT going to just blow my diet for two days straight. No way jose!

Any advice on what you CAN’T take on an airplane??? I don’t want them to think im importing anthrax(protein powder) into Vegas or something 🙂

Workouts have been great although my hip flexor on my left leg was hurting a little bit today. Probably a good thing that I won’t have any formal exercise tomorrow or Saturday. I’ll be back at it Sunday and hope you guys have a great weekend!!! I’ll update when I get back!


One thought on “ahh!

  1. jeimayprovy says:

    Sounds amazing have fun!! I think as long as you put your protein powder on the bag you check and not on your carry-on you should be fine. Other than that you can’t take any liquids through security that are more than 3oz. so probably put any perfume, shampoo, lotion or anything like that in the bag you check as well. And no rifles lol jk! Have fun!


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