Tuesday Afternoon

Okay well technically it is still the morning, but i have that song stuck in my head. 🙂
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This morning was a tough one. I guess I should back track to the rest of yesterday though….
I never made it to class(oops! :-)) but I did get to my school advising appointment. I am all set with my changed major(Business Management) but I went to register for classes and there are like 3 options per class I need to take..and at terrible times!! I hope they open more classes later on or something….
After my appointment, I met my dad and brother at the running store so I could get new shoezies!!! I love mine, but I got them in October and am now wearing holes through the sides hehe….so I got the same upgraded pair of Nikes! Love love.

After picking up the new kicks…my older brother(who is in town from Cali) went hiking. So 2 and a half hour workout in the morning…then an hour hike on Camelback…(its a tough hike)…let’s just say I was DEAD by the end of the day…..

Back to today…Tuesdayyyy: I boxed this morning. My right hand has been hurting so I have been hitting left hand dominant the past few days and my instructor told me how much I have improved on my left side. I’m excited because I am really loving this boxing! Class was really hard today, he must have eaten a great energizing breakfast this morning because we worked hard today.

After boxing, I did legs. Deadlifts, squats, seated ham curls, leg extensions, hip adductors, hip abductors, and the glute machine. It was good. I wasn’t planning on doing any cardio afterwards because boxing was so tough this morning, but on my way out, the cardio kickboxing instructor stopped me and said “hey are you coming to my class today you haven’t been in a while!” So out of guilt and also taking that as my “sign” I went ahead and did cardio kickboxing too. It was an extra hard workout today as well. (There must be something in the water at my gym or something.)

Now i am just relaxing for a few until I have class at 1:30 and another class at 6:30 tonight. Ugh. Not in the mood for class tonight..i may just stay home and rest..we’ll see.

Hope your all doing well! Here are some fight night pictures, as promised

my sister and i with Michael Phelps!!


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