oh the confusion!

so you all know the last time my friend george tested my body fat about 2 weeks ago it was 21%. Well today a different trainer (i would say more experienced) took my body fat because he didn’t believe that i was 21%. It came up as 16.5%!!!! I now don’t believe either reading. The test today, he pinched lower on my leg than george does and that made a huge difference.

The only real way to find out body fat percentage is with a dunk test. They submerge you in water and test your body fat that way. My friend got me a certificate to get a dunk test for my birhtday(i know only I woudl get excited about that haha) so that will be the real test!!

Anyways…sorry for no post yesterday, i was at the lake all afternoon! Before that i had the BEST chest and tricep workout of life. My trainer really killed me. He and 2 other people also complimented my physique saying i was getting more muscle and cuts and leaning out. So great to hear!!!!! Eating was great yesterday, although i didn’t eat anything at the lake because that is one place that I have no thoughts about food whatso ever!!

The lake was beautiful…a little colder and windier than last week, but i still wakeboarded! Once you get in the water your skin gets kinda numb so it’s all good right? Heh.

Today’s workout was boxing, abs and calves, finished off with elliptical for an hour.

Off to class! Sorry for the lame post, I will have more later!


3 thoughts on “oh the confusion!

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    Your right, only you would get excited about a dunk test. HA! 🙂

    So I was just thinking, I wonder what my body fat % is – I will ask my trainer if he can check for me. I wish I would have gotten it checked pre-weight loss so I could see the progress…oh well!


  2. fittingbackin says:

    i’ve heard that only the dunk tests are accurate too! Sadly, I learned that on that CMT reality show about Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders (they dunk them to tell them how much weight the need to lose; how much muscle they need to gain). Anyway, ever since i’ve been very skeptical about any other method, specifically that one at the gym where you hold the machine thing. (technical, I know)


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