Are you there legs? It’s me, Lizzy

Sometimes I underestimate myself. I think “leg days with Dae are so much better, i should save them for wednesday so he can push me harder.” I am wrong in thinking that. Today I did legs on my own and after an HOUR, i was hobbling out of the weight room. Smith squats, hip adductors, hip abductors, lying ham curls, leg press, leg extensions, and step ups. I went heavey on everything and did a total of 27 sets of legs. I KILLED these babies and i LOVE it. 🙂

Rewind: This morning I woke up and had a bowl of proatmeal and some egg whites. I headed out the door at 6:15am (bleh) for boxing. Great class today, except i have a hurt knuckle on my right hand and it keeps getting worse because i keep going all out in boxing class. I talked to my instructor and we are going to take it easy on my right hand for a week and see if it gets better.

After boxing and the leg shred, i hit up the arc trainer for an hour. I ate an apple on the way home from the gym because i just couldn’t wait i was starvin’ marvin’.

Post workout: Egg whites, 185 g sweet potato, 12 brussels sprouts, apple

I have class today (two tests, iCK) And tomorrow i have another test and then going to the LAKE for some more wakeboard action!!!! Yayy.

If you all are wondering why i am being lazy and not working, it’s because I actually am working for my dad right now. His assistant is out for 2 weeks so I am filling in for the time being. He also has a client who needs someone to do Quickbooks for them and luckily that is one of my skills. I am just picking up jobs here and there because I honestly have such a weird schedule that it is hard for me to work on a set schedule. Plus after having my last job that i absolutely HATED, i would rather live on the streets then take up another job I hate. Seriously. I also kind of feel like a hippie these days you guys. I am in the whole “i just want to be healthy, live my life to the fullest and have fun, even if i am poor” It’s a stage I’m sure, but that is where I am at. I really do have a great work ethic when i want to, and school is keeping me plenty busy.(and so are my workouts ha!) When I am ready to venture out onto something worth while(in my opinion) then I will and until then I will do what I can to get by. In this economy that is what most are doing anyways. I’m not stressed about it, I am loving life!


One thought on “Are you there legs? It’s me, Lizzy

  1. fittingbackin says:

    Good for you! No reason to stress about it – you have such a good attitude!! Sounds like an awesome leg workout – WOW! 27?!


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