My 1/2 marathon training

Hey guys! I had a few questions about how I trained for my half marathon.

It started out as just running. I liked how my body responded to running so i started slowly. I built my endurance up to being able to do 3 miles straight. That is when I decided that I wanted to try and run a half marathon. I signed up for the P.F. Changs Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Upon sign up they gave me a free schedule to follow. There were different schedules. Some had you running every other day. Some had you running 4 days in a row. It all depends on YOU. I found that i did not like running on consecutive days and stuck to the every other day plan.

My advice to all of you that want to do a half marathon is to find a race that you think you might like to do.(Plan far ahead giving yourself at least 4 to 5 months) Many times they will give you a free schedule, otherwise you can purchase them online. If you follow the schedules you will find it easier and easier and soon enough you will be running your own half marathon! Getting a buddy to train with you helps out a LOT. Run outside whenever possible because it is definitely a different kind of running than treadmill running.

That is my two cents. I am no professional at all, but that is what worked for me. Follow the plan and it will get you across the finish line!


2 thoughts on “My 1/2 marathon training

  1. fittingbackin says:

    Thanks for the tips! I hope I can get back into running one day once my foot lets me – blah. The outdoor tip is a great point, too!


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