i suck

i knew it. i knew it this morning…i just had that f*e*e*ling. that i was going to be weak. weak-minded that is. and i was right.

i wouldn’t call it a binge per-say because i spread it out throughout the day…however….i ate shit.

i wish i ate shit by falling on my face, but unfortunately i ate shit food! honey bunches of oats, frosted mini wheats, too much ice cream, a few chips and salsa, a fuggin BAGEL(WHITE PROCESSED BREAD ewewewew!) and cream cheese…

now don’t get me wrong i’m not beating myself up about it in a depressed way.(although who knows what ill feel tomorrow…) but i just was so weak and tired today, that i didn’t want to even TRY using my will power.(which i have to say has become pretty damn good.)

I basically just let it flow because i was so tired today. I think the fact that i was in the sun allll day saturday and sunday just finally hit me today. makes sense why my workout was killing me.

ANNNyyyways, i am a little bit mad at myself for letting this happen, but i will be fine as long as i can get right back on plan tomorrow and not look back. If that is the case, then i won’t care about this little hicccup(even though yesterday wasn’t so great either…) 2 days out of the month won’t kill me.

I bought the new Oxygen magazine, so i am going to go read it and inspire myself and probably pass out almost immediately. Boxing in the morning, followed by chest and abs, followed by some cardio! Then poolside! I am going to go pack my post-workout food right now so that it is all ready for me when i finish my workout and i won’t even have to think about it. It is days like these where i realize how thankful i am that we have good nutritious food in this world because crappy processed SHIT makes you feel like worn out processed SHIT. Go figure!

4 thoughts on “i suck

  1. prettyface says:

    🙂 Like ya told me, we all have those days. You’ve done SO well. Sure, you need to work hard to get your body where you want for competition, but tomorrow is a new day. I can’t wait to see pictures of your competition!! When is it again?


  2. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    I totally empathize with your post – some days, I just fall off the wagon, no energy to stop myself or pick myself back up.

    You are so right, that processed crap makes us feel so crappy! I sometimes wonder though, how many people actually eat good nutrious food and know how good they CAN feel – but they are stuck feeling like crap, dragging through life thinking they are okay because they don’t remember how good they can feel.


  3. KK @ Running Through Life says:

    I am having one of those days…well, had one last night and am still having one today. Sigh. But, it too will pass!!!


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