hiked today and it was AWESOME..going to play some sand volleyball now. I love my active rest day weekends!!! They are so enjoyable and its nice to be able to get exercise in without being in a gym all the time. (15 hours during the week is enough for me ha.)

I ate 3100 calories today!! ickk!! why ick??? 2 girl scout cookies, some random crackers, a few m&m’s…those were the bad ones..the rest were good foods but still too much food today!! TOM is here so i’ll just blame that ha. It wasn’t an all out binge just a few random snacks and mostly snacking on healthy foods so not so bad.

I needed a little restart for my week. At least it wasn’t anything too outrageous.


4 thoughts on “yuck!

  1. The American Homemaker says:

    I ate at Chilis last night. It was a salad, but you know restaurant salads, I probably still ate more calories than you did and that was just one meal… LOL


  2. prettyface says:

    Hey! You have no idea how much your comment means. 🙂 It really does make me feel better about my hiccups. I just finished my lunchtime workout and feel great, so I’m taking steps forward now. Hey question—can you eat dairy? I.e. Cottage cheese, skim milk, greek yogurt? I know you’re diet is about like mine, but yours probably being more strict, but my trainer tells me not to eat dairy right now. Just thought I’d see what you do.


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