I always say this and it always holds to be true. PATIENCE CONQUERS. You wanna know how i know?!?!?! Because I got my body fat tested today and im down to 21.5%!! My friend George, who did the test, said he was trying to grab as much fat as possible so he could make me feel bad(yeah we have a funny friendship like that haha ) and i am down .6% since last time!! I know that is only a small change but it is PROGRESS and that means my hard work is paying off!!!

I am still weighing in at 135 pounds so that means i have also gained some muscle in the process. HELL YEA. I am so happy!!! I honestly am actually pretty happy with my body right now. Yes there are things I want to improve on and I have more goals, but I am becoming happier every day with how i look!! It shows that throwing in the towel when things get tough is NOT the answer. (glad i didn’t take that route, although it seemed like a good idea a few times in the past lol)

Workout this morning was great!! LEGS yayy! I have a feeling i won’t be able to walk tomorrow which is awesome!! haha I did an hour of incline walking after my weight training.

Eats today were good. I am all out of protein powder so i have to be resourceful to get all my protein in!! It’s kind of fun lol.(i have more on the way but it won’t be here until the 16th!!)

Breakfast was 1/2 cup of oats with 1TBSP almond butter, 1/4 cup of egg whites, cinnamon, and 5 strawberries. It was pretty tasty and filling! I paired it with a tangelo and 1/2 cup of egg whites on the side and got my butt to the gym.

Post workout was 4.5 oz of chicken, brussels sprouts, 152 g sweet potato, and more egg whites. I find that i eat a lot more in the early part of my day(i am hungry after my workouts!!!) and smaller meals later in the day. It is what works for me so I run with it!

I plan on getting a hike in at some point today, and then going to try to lay out. It’s beatiful outside!

Hopefully going to be able to hit up the lake tomorrow for some wakeboarding with friends!!! Can’t wait!!

I challenge all of you to do 30 minutes of exercise that is something new to you.(or at least something you rarely do) Trying somethign new can open your eyes to new likings and also open your muscles eyes to new movements! Also, I challenge you to eat vegetables with every meal you have. If you have a snack, eat some veggies with it!! It helps to curb your appetite even if you don’t feel like eating them. Just do it along with whatever you were planning on eating.


One thought on “BEST FRIDAY THE 13TH

  1. prettyface says:

    Thanks for your words of wisdom on my blog 🙂 It helps.

    Frustrating days happen, but keeping my mind right is the key.


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