happy birthday to me!!

I had the MOST WONDERFUL birhtday!! About 15 of my friends all met me at an Irish pub called the Dubliner and seriously I had the best time!!!

I only got one drink (vanilla Stoli and diet coke) because yes i am a calorie conscious little nerd even on my 21st birthday!! But i honestly had the best day and have the best friends. My sister came out and it meant the world to me (she has been waiting 7 years for this day haha) She was funny too. She walked up to me and handed me my drink and goes “wow lizzy..you sure draw a big crowd..and they are all guys!!” It’s funny because she was the same way before she started dating her boyfriend. We are both “one of the guys” and if nobody pointed out that all of my friends are dudes, i might not realize it haha. My roommate came out as well and my best friend that i have grown up with also. It was a great night and i didn’t ruin my diet, DOUBLE SCORE!!

Now im off to go meet my trainer for some bi and tri ACTION!! Will have a more normal update later!(not that my posts are ever normal..but im a random girl what can i say?!)


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