Day 2

Hey guys! I am on day 2 of my carb-deplete. Yesterday went very well! I made a new post-workout smoothie concoction that is AWESOME and i urge you all to try it.

Mine was made with:

1 scoop strawberry protein powder(no carbs)
1 tsp. glutamine
1 Tbsp whole flax seeds
5 raw almonds
4 frozen strawberries

Blend this up! So delicious and the almonds and flax seeds give it some crunch. I LOVE IT.

It also allows me to get my FATS IN which has always been a struggle for me. Yay!

I hiked again yesterday. Same trail, but it is different every time because no matter what you get off trail climbing over teh cliffs and boulders. SUCH a fun climb and a great workout as well. I am going to try to drag someone with me again today!!

I officially turn 21 tomorrow!!! I am going to skip going out tonight and go out tomorrow night. Not going to drink much but i will have to order one drink just for the sake of it. (Never been a big drinker) Exciting!! I am on my spring break as well, so going to try to get out to san diego later in the week with some friends.

Hope your having a good day!


7 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. LAT GIRL says:

    That smoothie sounds really yummy! I’ve never tried Strawberry flavored Protein Powder….I’m so boring I always stick with Vanilla.

    Hey Happy early Birthday also……the big 21 how exciting!

    Lisa T.


  2. bbubblyb says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Wow, to be 21 *smile*. The hike sounded great. Hope you have a good time tonight. I’m guessing you add water to your smoothie, or milk?


  3. Sherre says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A celebratory drink (or 2) is definitely in order! Thanks for the smoothie recipe — sounds good. I’ve got to look for some strawberry flavored protein powder.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I live in Sacramento and the hike I did on Sunday was in the SF Bay Area (where there are GREAT trails, etc.).


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