Awesome Saturday

Hey Bloggies!! I am having a wonderful Saturday! Before I get into my day, I need to get something off my chest.

My mind is getting WEAK lately. After my binge last Sunday(that i still have no regret over, I think it was needed) I am feeling like I almost want to do it again. My promise to myself was that I will not let this become a recurring thing. I will take cheats when they are necessary only. Well yesterday I was VERY close to breaking that promise to myself. I really was set on the fact that I was going to eat some shitty foods. Why?! I HAVE NO IDEA. My mind was just being weak and I was telling myself to just do it. NO WORRIES, i talked myself out of it. I ended up a little higher on calories, but nothing terrible and it was still all clean foods. Today, I almost did the same thing. I woke up this morning, had breakfast and was certain I was going to have a cheat today. WHY?!?! still no idea. Somehow, i looked in the mirror at my stomach and noticed how lean I have become. I thought to myself “you have lost weight in the past and let it all go over the summer, DONT GO DOWN THAT ROAD AGAIN” I basically talked myself out of it again. I told myself I DO NOT want to lose this hard work I have been putting in. It worked thankfully, and I have actually had a great day eating-wise. I just need to pray that I can be STRONG and hopefully not get any more feelings like that because I do NOT want to get into a binge cycle like I have had in the past. Whew, i feel better getting that off my chest.

On another note, I have FINALLY realized how to take my rest days without going nuts. It seems wayyy obvious, but I am slow so bare with me hehe. I realized yesterday that I train HARD monday through friday. I go BALLS TO THE WALLS in the weight room and i get over 5 hours of cardio in throughout just 5 days. On the weekends I have been trying to train just as hard. I thought to myself…Lizzy you are going to overtrain! I could feel it too. That is why I have been so tired lately. It is fatigue. I am not lettting my body rest enough. I also hate sitting on my ass all day doing nothing. (Unless i have already worked out, then i don’t mind sitting around the rest of the day haha) I decided weekends are going to be active days. I am not going to go to the gym, however I am going to stay active during the day outside(while the weather stays nice, i’ll have to figure something out when its over 100 degrees in a few weeks.) Whether its going for a nice jog, biking, hiking, or playing a sport, I am going to stay active, but NOT hit the weight room. I think this is a smart move for me.

This brings me to today. I went on a nice long 2 hour hike with my friend Brittni today. We went up the Cholla trail on Camelback Mountain (The Echo trail is a much harder and intense hike and we just wanted to have a good workout but not kill ourselves heh.) It was AWESOME. I had never been up this side of the mountain and it was beautiful. Challenging, yet we were able to have a conversation without gasping for breath. (Echo trail is a much different story ha.) I like hiking with Brittni because both of us are in good shape and like to push our limits. If it gets hard, we push harder. When I hike with my sister and others, its more of a “it’s getting hard, lets sit and rest” Not my style. It was about 75 degrees and sunny. Absolutely gorgeous. Tonight I am going to a friends band’s show and it will be a good time as always. Might try to sneak in a nap before then so I have the energy. It will be a late night for sure.

I went to whole foods today also and got some GREAT produce and tilapia. yummy yummy. Love that store, but gosh it is so expensive!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I will be competing in the NPC Figure Class July 18th! I feel that this way I can hopefully do well in the competition and I can’t wait. I will start my 12 week out diet I believe in the beginning of April(i have the exact date in my calendar) and until then will still continue to be eating my clean foods. My goal for the next few weeks until then is to keep calories between 1800-2000, once 12 week diet starts, they will be lower. I can’t wait!!

comp. date


3 thoughts on “Awesome Saturday

  1. Sunny says:

    I know how you feel, my mind has been getting weak lately too! Wish I had read this post before I snacked on some Flamin Hot Cheetos!! 🙂
    Your competition will be here before you know it!


  2. jeimayprovy says:

    i can feel you on the weak mind..if mine wasn’t as weak as it is i wouldn’t be in the situation that i’m in now trying to lose all this weight. like you said it might be more now because of how hard you are pushing yourself. i’ve learned with myself that when i get physically tired, i get twice as mentally tired and that’s my downfall. just stay strong and continue to be a great inspiration to us all…you’re doing an excellent job!!!


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