Good Stuff

Evening Wrap-Up:

Food: Eating went very well today!

Breakfast: Oats with 1 scoop of strawberry whey protein, cinnamon, and 3 frozen strawberries(that i microwaved) along with a Cutie

Post-Workout: Protein shake made with 1 scoop of strawberry whey protein, 5 almonds, 3 frozen strawberries and water (this was tasty!!) and 1 cup cooked QUINOA–if you have never tried this it is delicious. I can’t believe it took me this long to cook it.(Been in my pantry for about 6 months ha) I just put some red pepper flakes on it and it was DELISH (for me at least, considering ive gotten used to the saltless, sauceless foods)

Lunch: 3 oz. of turkey breast(i actually baked this in the oven last night rather than microwaving it WOOHOO), sweet potato, and brussels sprouts.

Snack: 2 cuties, a few frozen strawberries, and another protein shake before I left to go to my momma’s

Dinner: 2 cups of egg whites(yeah i know its a lot ha i was a hungry girl!!) made with loose spinach leaves, onion, and red pepper flakes; 4 frozen strawberries, 2 cuties, and sweet potato again.

Total calories for today: 1946 (I aim for 1800 so not bad, not wonderful)
And have you noticed there are no apples in that list?! I haven’t been buying them. I am taking a few days off from them until I can eat them in a more controlled fashion.

My puppy is so damn cute!!! Hehe. He is a boxer and his name is knuckles but we call him knuckle-head because… fits his personality 🙂

Okay, need to go call my old trainer. He wants to chit-chat and he is a talker so this could be a long one…


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