my poor legs and biceps. They didn’t even know what was coming!!! I ripped them apart, and beat them till they just couldn’t take it anymore. Yes i am a vicious woman so WATCH OUT!

Well peeps, this morning I had my boxing class again. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE IT!! (i know i say it every day hehe) but it really is ROCKIN. My instructor is so awesome! He has been doing this for 23 years and on top of that he used to be a stand-up comedian in Hollyweird. You can’t top a good trainer that is also a funnyman.

After boxing i annihilated my legs and biceps with deadlifts, 45 degree hypers, leg press, squat press, ez bar curls, hammer curls, 21’s and side arm cable curls.

I finished with 30 minutes on the treadmill. (I am learning not to overdo it when i have boxing classes in the mornings. I just become ravenous and tired all day. Considering I have class from 1pm -9pm on Thursdays, I knew I had to be smart and stick to a half hour, instead of my usual hour.)

I have gotten some great compliments in the last few days and I needed them. I have been getting those “why am i doing this/what is the point” type of thoughts lately more than usual, and i need to kick them!! Because the truth is i AM changing. I KNOW this, and even though it may be a slower process than I want it to be, PATIENCE WILL CONQUER. It is the hardest part of losing weight/gaining muscle/whatever your goal may be, but it is what makes LASTING RESULTS.

I can do this. I just have to keep my head in the game!

I mentioned the other day about my whole “headphones are on don’t talk to me” theory. Today my headphones were on AND i was in the middle of a set of curls. I was OBVIOUSLY sweating and breathing hard and struggling(not just throwing weights around like feathers) and a man starts asking me questions!! Of course, i can’t hear a word he is saying because my HEADPHONES ARE ON, but he CONTINUES TALKING TO ME. I politely say “I’m sorry I can’t hear you. Hold on one minute.” Does this stop him from talking?! NO!! I can still see his lips moving. Again I say, “Sir I can’t hear you just a minute” HE KEEPS TALKING. So i just let him talk until I was finished with my set. Then i politely took off my headphones and said okay go ahead…. Ugh! I’m sorry but that is just so frustrating. I have an idea of what I can do to try to deter these people…muahaha…you will have to wait to hear my idea! 🙂


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