McNugget Emergency? Really?

If i hadn’t seen this, I wouldn’t have believe it. Check this story out.

Yes people, someone called 911 because McDonalds ran out of chicken nuggets and they wanted their money back. REALLY PEOPLE?! ay carumba.

In other news, if you watched the Biggest Loser last night you are just as frustrated as I am at those three little words “To Be Continued!” Ahh the anticipation. Those producers are good…real good.

While watching the biggest loser, I had a realization that I am not sure is true, but wouldn’t doubt. I started wondering if Jillian Michaels is taking some type of HGH(human growth hormone) or any type of steroid. I am not saying that she is, but the widening of the jaw/deep voice kind of give me that impression. I could be totally wrong, just a thought.

Do you think Jillian Michaels takes some type of steroid?

Back to real world…..
This morning I had a great chest workout with Dae. Bench press, incline press, pushups, flys. Lots more pushups. (150 total) He also had me do some heavy heavy sets of hamstring curls. He literally had to help me through most of them they were so heavy. I had immediate soreness ha. Then we got done and he said okay 10 sets of hanging leg raises. Yee-haw. I better have some dominant abs in the near future with all of the ab-work I have been doing!! 🙂

I followed my weight training with 60 minutes on the treadmill. I did a steady 15% incline 3.3mph today because Dae wanted me to just go steady today. I enjoyed it and somehow it went by very quickly. Oh and it burnt 702 calories!!! That’s what im talking about.

Today i am going to play hooky from class and go hang out with my mom. I rarely see her because I am always so busy. We are probably just going to go mess around Target or something, but she’s a bigger goof ball than i am so it should be a good time.


One thought on “McNugget Emergency? Really?

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    ooohhh…I could get lost in Target! Sometimes, I wish I could hide in the dressing rooms until they closed and then I could run around target all by myself and camp out over night. And then I scare myself and think of all the scary noises and shadows and thank GOD it doesn’t come true! HA…some things are good only as dreams! Have fun playin’ hooky!


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