Oh man, did I have a cheat day today or WHAT. The thing is i am not upset at all. I used to get upset about it because I thought it would set me off on a tangent of bad eating, but not anymore friends! I ate..and ate..and ate some more..oh then I ate some MORE…and it was all prety shitty food! Ya know what? I love my clean foods!!! 🙂 So then why did I do it?!? To get it out of my system! I have been eating nothing but CLEAN foods since mid-December. (with the exception of a few protein bars in the last couple weeks of December) But literally have not TOUCHED any processed foods (unless you count my protein powder) in the last like 2 and a half months. So i decided that considering today I was tired, bored, irritable, and feeling like I just wanted to be a normal 20 year old for a day and eat like shit haha….I decided..FUGIT im gona eat some shit.

I was at my dads when I decided to do this (he has all the goods in his house haha) and you ready for this? And keep in full..but im not even THAT full which is ridiculous. (can you tell im actually really finding humor in all of this haha i don’t know why but i like it.)

probably like 15 chips ahoy cookies..maybe 17 or 18.
2 small bowls of icecream with chocolate syrup
2 kelloggs swirly pastry things with honey drizzled all over them
i think like 4 or 5 tortillas with cheese sprinkled on them
2 small bowls of cereal
an apple and a banana
8 little raviolis
some salt and pepper chips

hmm what else was thereeee….

that might be it. BUT…umm yeah it was alot of food. lots of calories. and its only 1pm hehe.

i played softball this morning and am playing volleyball this afternoon, but no formal exercise, as today is a rest day.

Anyways…just thought i would clear up two things..YES, i am human ….and YES i can probably eat more than most football players i would assume.

I feel like i am forgetting some foods, but you get the idea. Anyways, no need to make me feel better because I FEEL FINE. I really am okay with today because it wasn’t a binge, in the sense of feeling like i had “no control” it was very controlled. I just chose to eat like big fat cow today.

Yuck i am going to feel so bloated tomorrow, that is the only thing I am worried about, but I meet with my trainer tomorrow morning and then plan on doing some damn good cardio. Plus probably another class in the afternoon tomorrow too, considering I won’t be at work because OH YEA i have no job 🙂

Wow im starting to sound like a big nerd girl 😉


2 thoughts on “Cheat-a-ROO

  1. prettyface says:

    LOL!!! That is freaking hilarious!! OMG….When you said you ate bad, I thought for sure I would scroll down to see a few bad things, but that you were just “overreacting” per say, but you damn sure did eat good!

    15 Chips Ahoy cookies! Now I want some….haha


  2. Mrs. Sheila says:

    Good cheat days like that every now and then really are good! In my opinion, I think that it resets your body somehow! Glad you enjoyed yourself, and I will pray you feel fine in the morning. Now you just need either pizza or tacos for dinner!!


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