I am an athlete

It is funny how little things you say to yourself can completely change your way of thinking. My example of this is when I am doing my cardio usually. In the weight room, I usually don’t need to do this. I LOVE weightlifting, plain and simple. Cardio is different. Although I do love the feeling after a heart-pumping sweat session. And also do occasionally enjoy doing the cardio, sometimes, I don’t want to push as hard as I know I can.

I will use today. I was doing my 15% incline on the treadmill. Usually I start at 3.3 mph and bump it up .1 every 5 minutes. Some days i have to do it every 10 minutes, it all depends on how I am feeling. Well today as it approached the 10 minute mark (in which I would bump it from 3.4 to 3.5mph) I thought of many excuses. “i did boxing today already, this is hard enough,” blah blah. Then i said this…..”are you an athlete?? or are you an average, normal person?” I immediately bumped it up and started pushing hard!! That little phrase threw ALL of my excuses out the window because HELL NO im not a normal average exerciser, I AM AN ATHLETE!! And if I am an athlete, I better be training like an athlete=HARD. Needless to say today’s workout was freaking GREAT. Crushed it in the weight room, and pushed hard on the treadmill and stairstepper. Boxing was awesome this morning too!!!

Here is my food for today:
Pre-workout: Proatmeal and a grapefruit; 1 scoop of Dymatize XPand before boxing
Post-Workout: Protein shake,
Lunch: 1/2 sweet potato, 4oz chicken, a bunch of green beans(didnt measure) and some brussel sprouts
Before class: Protein shake, 10 almonds
Mid-afternoon: proatmeal, egg whites, 1/2 sweet potato, grapefruit (i was starving when i came home from class lol)
Dinner: Will be- 4 oz. chicken or egg whites(haven’t decided yet) and asparagus, and 10 almonds to make sure i get my fats in! (i also took a flaxseed oil, fish oil, CLA, and Green Tea complex supplement this morning)

That’s all for now. Going to a concert tonight. This will be a LONGGG day. 5am until probably midnight. eekk. Then back at it tomorrow at 630am! Thankfully tomorrow is friday so i can rest this weekend!!


2 thoughts on “I am an athlete

  1. prettyface says:

    Hey! Happy ALMOST FRIDAY! That’s awesome you pushed yourself through it–I do that during my cardio as well, thinking mostly of how far I’ve come and how I’
    ll feel if I DON’T push myself.

    Which concert you going to? I freaking LOVE live music and concerts! AHH!!! 🙂


  2. LAT GIRL says:

    Many times I have to tell myself that if I want to look and feel like an athelete I’d better train like one……my first competition when the expeditors back stage told the atheletes to lineup it was the coolest feeling!


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