Feeling better

Feeling much better today! So far at least. I always feel pretty good in the mornings because it is when I have the most energy. I took my boxing class this morning and again it was GREAT. I really love the class and also love the instructor. I found out he used to be a stand-up comedian too. Right up my alley. I make jokes all day long and find something funny in almost anything I do or see, and he totally has that humor. It makes the class even more enjoyable. Wish I could take it every day!!!

I followed the boxing class with Legs(glute focus). I did Smith squats (feet 18 inches approx. out front to focus more glute), hip abduction(i think, no matter how many times i study this and go over this, i STILL can’t ever get it right. The one where you pull your legs OUT.), single leg hip thrusts with ankle weights, reverse hypers with ankle weights, and then cable leg pulldowns?? i don’t knwo what to call these. My ankles were hooked to the top of the cable and i was laying down and pulling down with a straight leg. Whatever they were they worked well! My asss is on fiiiyahhh 🙂

Then i did cardio. 25 minutes at 15% incline 3.4 mph; 15 minutes of running at 6.5 with six 8.5 mph intervals; 5 minutes at 10% 4.0mph and finished the last 5 minutes with 15% at 4.0mph which was HARD AS HELL. I thought i might die. (i was doing it for an entire song…of course i pick a like 4 minute and 55 second song) it was upbeat and everything so that was honestly the only reason i think i didn’t fall off the treadmill. But it was a great way to end the session!!

1 hour boxing, 1 hour weights, 50 minutes of cardio…I think im good for the day!!! Now time for classs 🙂

How was everyone elses workouts?! I would love to hear what you did or what you plan to do!


2 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. prettyface says:

    “1 hour boxing, 1 hour weights, 50 minutes of cardio….” HOLY SHITE, I’m impressed! LOL

    I cannot tell you how much I absolutely love that I found your blog. A lot of the girls I read (blogs), they don’t have the same goals as I do. I don’t want to compete per say, but my trainer has me on the diet she eats before competitions she does, so I relate to your meals. While other bloggers are eating “healthy” foods, they just aren’t eating lower carbs and high protein like me…and my saliva starts working overtime. Because yes, I hate eating chicken, brown rice and broccoli everyday! LOL

    I love Ocygen magazine. it’s so much better than any other fitness magazine that I know of that’s out there today!

    Get in touch with me! I bet I could learn lots from ya! Hopefully you can give me some pointers and new workouts to try?


  2. prettyface says:

    Sorry, one more question before I forget….I drink parillo Protein Powder because its very low carbs and high protein, but your Isopure looks good. Which flavors taste best to you??


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