Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I did for sure! I have a few updates for you guys, but first I will recap.

Saturday: I took a much-needed rest day. I was sore from head to toe, and really I could tell I needed it. I had to go to my school to finish an audio project, and pretty much just hung out the rest of the day. I don’t know if it was because of not exercising, but I was in a funk all day and was in a really bad mood. Just very irritable. I haven’t felt that way in a long time and I think part of it was that I didn’t work out, which makes my days start off so wonderful!

At night I went to a friend’s band’s show. It was SO much fun! Great music, great friends and a good time all night. We tried one of those oxygen bars that they had at the venue. Didn’t give me the “euphoric” feeling that they said it would and basically I paid $5 for air. Stupid haha.

Sunday morning I woke up ready for a great workout! I did chest and biceps, followed by an hour of cardio (incline walking and stair stepper) In the afternoon, my dad, his girlfriend, her kids, and my sister all went to a homeless shelter and volunteered. It was a great experience and I plan on doing it once a month. Everyone was so thankful and it really opened my eyes. There was, however, one woman who was so ungrateful and very rotten, but I guess it must be hard to be positive in a situation like that. I am so thankful for what I have!

Today my trainer (who is an ex-Marine Corps Captain) decided that he would make an example of me in the gym and put me through boot camp. No not like fitness boot camp, like yelling in my face marine corps boot camp!!!! It was funny to me because I know him, but everyoen in the gym was looking because he was yelling so loud. It was really funny, and i got a GREAT workout. He shows me ways to do different exercises with just little tweaks here and there that help with definition.

After my workout, we had a talk and decided that I should wait until June to do a figure competition. The reasons being, we both feel that I could put on some more muscle and think that March is coming up much too soon in order to do that. Him, me and another trainer at the gym who is planning on competing are going to go to the March show and check it out, but will both compete in June. I am very comfortable with that. It is not going to change anything that I am doing. I will still keep my diet(I have learned to love it honestly) and will keep working hard at the gym to build my muscle. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful trainer with SO much knowledge. I have had great trainers in the past, but they don’t even compare to Dae. He really knows how to “body-build.”

Anyways, that is where I am at so far. Comments are welcome!!! πŸ™‚


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