Presidents day

So glad i didn’t have to work today. 🙂 Yesterday was a REST day and i fully rested.

Today, i met with Dae at 8am and he absolutely annihilated me. Over 200 pushups and 180 hanging leg raises……and that was what i had to do AFTER he got done training me.

Let me tell you, my ass got kicked today. Harder than maybe ever.

I feel good and i have been eating well.

I found a solution to the apple problem…DOn’t buy 20 at a time 🙂 HA

my aunt gave me some oranges and grapefruits off of her tree yesterday so I am having those and some frozen strawberries for my fruit for a few days. Apples will still be a part of my diet but 2 days wihtout them might do me some good…a little “detox” so that i don’t scarf them down like they are going out of style.

My calories today ended at 1725. 169 grams of protein and 246 g. of carbs. Need to up my fat intake a little bit because i ended up at 12 grams. I need a littttle bit more than that.

Either way i ate great today and im happy abou tit!


4 thoughts on “Presidents day

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    whoa baby, you just put me to shame! I was so happy with my 40 push ups the other day…(which I still am) but I got me some work to do! I bet you have KILLER arms and are so ready for tank top season!

    Your trainer sounds like tourture…in a good way!


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