oh america

at the gym today i saw a commercial on tv for some fiber pill. In the commercial, the woman has a handful of beautiful fruits and vegetables…she closes her hand and opens it again and it is 2 fiber pills. Ummmm does anyone else get annoyed by this??? We are now trading in fruits and vegetables for pills?!?!?!? Yuck. sometimes this country scares me.

Anyways…sorry for no post yesterday…eats were great! Ended up at 1847 calories for the day and my workout was triceps (my trainer absolutely killed me..to the point where he had to pick me up out of a dip because i could NOT get up hahah it was pretty funny) and then incline walking at 15% 3.6 mph…woosh! hard stuff let me tell ya. Did that for 35 minutes and then ran up and down the stairs for another like 8 minutes because i had to leave and meet a computer guy to fix my laptop.

Today i did shoulders and biceps…that is my new favorite combo! i get such a good burn doing supersets with those two muscle groups. Then i did more incline walking and some elliptical..with about a 10 minute run to cool down. 55 minutes total…(why i didn’t finish that last 5 minutes i am not sure..i asked myself the whole way home lol)

Anyways..im enjoying my chicken, sweet potato and green beans right now and then off to class until 9pm!

My new Isopure zero carb Strawberries and cream protein powder showed up today and i can’t wait to try it!


2 thoughts on “oh america

  1. Brandi says:

    I’ve had to be picked up on dips too 🙂 My boss (and trainer at the Kstate rec) LOVED dips with feet on the stability ball…HOLY COW…hard!


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