My goal is to FAIL!

I am sure your thinking..what?? your giving up???

NOOO…i mean to work my ass off until my muscles FAIL. That is my new goal for all of my strength workouts. If its shoulder day..i want to walk out of there not being able to lift my own hands over my head because all my delts have gone to FAILURE and they just can’t take it anymore.

Just thought i’d spike your interest with that heading 🙂

ALSO..does anyone know how to add videos to a blog post? When i try to embed them from youtube it doesn’t let me…so if any of you bloggers out there know how to do this let me know!

have a good day! and WORK IT.

EDIT: I just made a protein shake with 1 scoop of Isopure zero carb strawberries and cream and 4 oz. of water and 2 real strawberries….TASTES LIKE THE MOST AMAZING SMOOTHIE OF LIFE….best protein shake ever. im in love


2 thoughts on “My goal is to FAIL!

  1. Kristine says:

    YUMMY Shake!! Your pics look great BTW. You can really see the definition in your leg/thigh area now. Looks great!!
    When is your contest?


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