I am going to give you all a challenge and I want you to do it TODAY:

Pick your favorite workout song and while you do your cardio today, during the chorus of that song you have to go all out! If the chorus plays 3 times, guess what…3 intervals! If the chorus plays 18 times, yeah..18 INTERVALS (crazy ass song if that is the case.) You get my point, but this challenge is in effect immediately.

If you already did cardio today, then you better do this tomorrow! πŸ™‚

My favorite cardio song right now is Misery Business by Paramore…i urge you all to download it and try it because it is awesome!!

And yes i did this today and it amped my workout.

One more thing: You want one reason not to eat refined sugar? Well here are 76 Reasons. Thanks for the post Jennica!


2 thoughts on “CHALLENGE

  1. Tamzin says:

    Thanks for your comment today – most appreciated. Happily I completed this challenge while walking home today.

    “somebodys watching me” by the Beatfreakz!



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