OK so i didn’t make it up to Sedona today. It was supposed to be rainy all day and Sedona is an outdoor city, so didn’t want to waste the gas to be indoors there.

I did get up early in order to make time to go to Sedona though, and did chest and abs. Cardio was an hour on the elliptical. Much easier than my treadmill/or stair step sessions, but by no means easy. I was sweating and burning and wanting to get off the machine. My legs are just pretty dead and my glutes are pretty sore, so I knew i needed a day off from my intense cardio sessions that bring me to failure. Seriously when I get done with my hour of the treadmill (running and incline walking) I have to catch my breath, regain my senses, wipe off my face thousands of times even though it doesn’t help because the sweat is just streaming, and yea you get the point.

Eating wise…today went well. I have been craving something out of my diet but even though in my head I will “allow” for something small, I am too scared that I will lose control afterwards because I’ve become a huge believe in this glycemic index stuff. I am worried if i have a little piece of chocolate my GI is going to sky rocket and im going to come up with 50 different reasons why i need to eat donuts and cookies. SO, i refrained again.

It’s fine really, and I know one of these days i will do it haha but right now im not comfortable with it. (Last spring i lost about 12 pounds and ended up gaining back all of it and being really depressed in all of that too, so I have vowed to never do that again, so still scared of the whole getting off track dealio) I finally feel like im back in my body again. The body I like and am comfortable with and want to flaunt. At the same time I look in the mirror and I want to go do MORE weights because I see new definition in my shoulders that I have never had and it inspires me. If i didn’t need to rest my muscles, i’m pretty sure i would quit my job and just workout all day. I would be a bum and sleep at my moms house, go to the gym in the day, and eat food at my moms house too. I woudn’t even need a job. Haha, okay enough of this fantasy land.

Anyways. Tomorrow i am feeling like I want to get a great back workout AND a great shoulder workout. Hmmmm shall I try ? :):)

I will have some new progress pictures to post sooon. Body fat on Monday!! Ekeee :):) I am excited though because my abs are lookin rockin!!!!


3 thoughts on “Saturdayyy

  1. jeimayprovy says:

    sounds amazing..i know i tell you this alot but you are really inspirational, you’re always excited about working out!! i wish haha…can’t wait to see progress pictures!


  2. Mrs. Sheila says:

    You are doing great! I have learned too that I can’t be trusted to just have a “taste”.. it does lead to an all out binge, sometimes days worth. Good thinking!I am putting that fear in me too ~ the fear of failing. It is working!


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