Okay so i did legs today with my trainer Dae. Um WOW. He absolutely killed them. Well I killed them, he just stood next to me and ran around the gym with me making sure i did not get any rest and that i was constantly pushing my legs to failure. It was an hour long session and it was worth it. I love going through that sweat and pain in a sick way haha. I got done and he looks at me and goes “Okay now go get on your cardio girl!” Just what I wanted to hear. So, it motivated me to do extra hard cardio. I did 20 minutes on the stair climber, and then hopped on the treadmill. I did 20 minutes at 10% incline, 4 mph, then did 20 minutes of intervals between 6.5mph and 8.5 mph. I think i did like 12 intervals it was good stuff! Then i finished it off with 5 minutes of 10% incline 4mph and 5 minutes of 15% incline, 3.5 mph. Wow it was an intense 2 hours but so worth it.

Then i left to go to class. I didn’t have to work today YAY….oh but it doesn’t stop there.

I promised my sister i would hike with her today. :):):) (sarcastic smileys)

I can never turn down exercise with a friend or family member…i almost feel like its my duty to help them all get in better shape, so when they ask…i answer 🙂

Anyways we went to our favorite paved trail, North Mountain. It is paved, but no that doesn’t mean easy. Her boyfriend tagged along, and being they they were going at the same pace, I decided i would just go at my own pace. I decided to run a little bit (like 20 seconds..my legs were dead from the first step on the mountain HA) Then i got to the top and waited for them.

Let’s just say, my legs are feeling it. OH! and i can’t forget to mention this! I decided to wear shorts for the hike because my legs haven’t seen day light in months (because i usually hate my legs..and in the winter, they are white so i hate them even more) WELL..i actually LIKE the way my legs look in shorts right now! They look better than they have EVER looked which was the coolest thing in the world for me to be able to see that today. My legs have never been as lean and strong as they are today, right now! I love it.

Eating today went well as far as cleanliness, however I did end up eating about 2700 calories today. With all of the exercise, I am assuming I either came over about 100 or 200 calories or possibly broke even. (I tallied calories burned on different calculators but you never really know for sure so.) I’m not worried about it though because I know i can just eat normal again tomorrow. Maintenance days here and there are good for me and i need them.

I will be up in Sedona for most of the day tomorrow, so I am hoping to get some hiking in there! I will be packing my own foods, of course, because I am a nerd like that. I am sure my aunt is going to give me dirty looks but guess what! I DONT CARE 😉

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “LEGS ARE YOU STILL THERE??

  1. Kelly Olexa says:

    Awesome workout day for you and me- I did legs too and I was quivering at the end, big time. I have a feeling- major DOMS will hit tomorrow but it’s AWESOME!! And I so hear you on the shorts thing, but I’m not NEAR feeling good about ME in shorts yet. SOON!! 😉 Keep rockin girl.


  2. LAT GIRL says:

    Love the workout today! Really hitting it hard, you might be a little sore tomorrow but totally worth once you start seeing the results from your awesome efforts!

    Thanks for the post you’ve just inspired me for my leg day tomorrow!

    Lisa T.


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