Hope everyone is doing well on this lovely Tuesday!

I did a cardio kickboxing class this morning first thing. It was fun and a great workout!

When I got into the weight room something came over me and I had one of those amazing, kick ass, I OWN THE GYM workouts. Legs with a main focus on GLUTES. Yeah yeah! I love glute workouts!!! Anyways i kicked my own ass in there! Even someone told me to slow it down because I was making them look lazy. GOOD πŸ™‚ I freaking had such a good workout and now im on a high..LOVE IT.

Then i got on the treadmill and the kickass-ness didn’t stop. I did 20 minutes of incline walking at 4.0mph w ith a 12% incline and then ran betw. 6.5-7.3 mph.

GOOD INTERVAL SONG: Misery Business by Paramore…i wasn’t planning on doing any intervals but the chorus of that song started and the beat gets really fast and i WANTED to run really really fast!!!!

Not sure what is with me today but I LIKE IT and i hope it sticks!


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