I actually rested today.

Yes ladies and gentlemen…i did NOT go to the gym today at all. Instead i moved a ton of audio/electronic equipment from my moms house to my apartment. BUT no workout. I know i needed it and also I went to bed at 5am(very unlike me to stay out that late) so I thought….hey if im going to take a rest day..might as well be today.

Anyways…got an old record player from my moms house and have been listening to Pink Floyd all day on it 🙂 soooo good. The sound quality is amazing.

Other greatest discovery is frozen fruit. I know most of you have known about this…but i didn’t realize how much it makes you feel like your eating ice cream!! Im eating frozen mango right now..delishhhh.

I need to get more food in. I have only eaten about 600 calories today and its almost 5pm :-/ NOttt good.

Can’t wait to workout tomorrow morning feeling refreshed and then SUPERBOWL GO CARDS!!!!!


One thought on “I actually rested today.

  1. Laura says:

    Yay for taking today off! Your body needs the time to rest.

    Also, thank you for sharing your new love of frozen fruit.. I see it in the stores but have no idea what to eat with it, but maybe I’ll get some frozen mango to try, because it sounds yummy.


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