Hello everyone!!

Okay so good news! Saturday was my weigh-in day. I posted about it and had said I weighed in at 136 pounds and I was hoping so badly that it was muscle and that I had lost fat. WELL…..

Today I got my body fat taken at the gym with the calipers. I told him (good friend and a trainer there) that i didn’t want him to make me feel good…I said grab that fat and give me the real number!!! I was literally shaking i was so nervous!! So nervous because I didn’t want to feel like I have been working this hard only to find out that I didn’t lose any body fat……so the verdict…..



Down 2% since my last BF test back in I think October-ish? And the best part is that I still weigh the same that I did then! Meaning I am putting on muscle and losing fat! About 3 pounds of yucky ugly gross FAT is GONE!! :):):):)

My goal by competition time is 15%, so my short term goals are this:

19% by February 12th (1 month from today)
15% by March 20th (1 week away from competition)

I believe I can do it. I have been at 18% body fat before, however I weighed 128 pounds and didn’t have as much muscle. Needless to say I got that low in only 3 months 🙂

I am very excited and am on cloud nine today! I did the test before my workout and it made my workout that much better. Eating healthy is THAT much more gratifying today and I really am excited.

On a VERY DIFFERENT note..i am looking for an unbiased opinion here about something…

Do you ever go through times where you just really don’t want to be around your family? I have a wonderful family but also many family issues…my mother is a severe alcoholic(i am currently not speaking to her because of this), parents are recently divorced, my dad is now the king of dating..everyone…and i love my brothers and sister to death and have no issues with them but lately i am just not wanting to be around them. I want to just keep some distance for a while. I love my dad and we get along well but I have no idea why, I just dont want to be around him either. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I just want to not speak to them for a while(excluding my sister and brothers, because they are my back bone and the reason i am still sane today after going through the childhood ive been through)

Anyways….is this normal? is this okay?

Would like to get some opinions…..


One thought on “SUPER STOKEDDD!

  1. bev says:

    Hi. Just would like to say that I can relate to what you are going through. Because my family also had some issues… and I too went through a phase where as much as I loved them deep down, I needed time alone and distanced myself from them.

    I think it’s definitely normal. Kinda like you need the “alone” time and space to come to terms with the stressful issues and be able to accept those things that happened before you can go properly love your family FULLY again. Because at the core of these stresses, these family members are the ones “responsible” for those events. And meeting them constantly reminds us of those hurtful times… giving us no time to heal.

    Well, so just take your time. I think your family will sorta understand too. 🙂

    Good luck. I hope I helped.


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