Full Time Job

I have decided that training for a competition…or any kind of training in general should be considered a full time job. You spend 2+ hours at the gym every day….another hour of showering after the gym….the time you take to eat six times a day…making protein shakes etc. and honestly that in itself is a full time commitment. Not to mention, when you do an hour of running, walking, elliptical whatever and another hour of weight training….it is tiring! Doing all of that and then heading to my real job really takes it out of me. Anyways enough of my rant.

Diet and training has been going very well for me. I have been eating only clean foods with the exception of a bag of popcorn the other night and a Clif Mojo bar. The ingredients in those aren’t too bad, but it isn’t part of my training diet! Other than that i have been good with sticking to the plan.

Today i mixed things up and did biceps and triceps…it wasn’t my best workout of all time, however i still feel that i got in a good session.

How’s everybody else doing with their diets since the new year?


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