I’m not sick I’m not sick

So i thought i was done being sick..but it thought otherwise. I am not really that sick, i just have some lingering symptoms that decide to come and go as they please…i feel great all day and in the evening i’m just not 100%, but that’s okay..overall i still feel pretty good and i’m getting good workouts. In my head i know i should be resting more, but i have a hard time doing so!

This morning i woke up really early for some reason, so i decided to do some grocery shopping. I had a Balance Pure bar on my way home, and then an apple and egg whites. I went to the gym and only did 40 minutes of cardio and then a back workout…..i was planning on doing more cardio, but i don’t want to push it and become even more sick.

After the workout, i had my protein shake and went to my Sabaki ball game..if your curiuos www.sabakiball.com

I got home a little while ago and cooked my chicken for the week, since i ran out today at lunch. Lunch was the usual….chicken, brown rice and green beans…you would think i would get sick of it but now that i am eating for training, i know i don’t have a choice so it takes the thinking out of the food situation..i know that for lunch im always going to have the same thing (or similar) and it really doesn’t bother me. If it does, i will start making turkey burgers or something to change it up, but for now this has been the simplest thing for me.

Good news: I can already tell that my stomach is leaning out a little bit! My stomach is the first place to lose weight always, so that is how i can tell how my diet is going. I weighed in at 135 today, which is a good thing, because i know i have been losing fat and putting on muscle, so the fact that i weigh about the same as when i started is actually a good thing for me. I can tell that my arms are getting bigger and more defined and others have noticed as well.

Another flag for me with my diet is my face…if i am eating poorly, my face blows up and i HATE IT…honestly that is the worst feeling in the world…right now my face is looking thin and that is a good sign…i am still counting calories, but have been so satisfied with my diet that i almost don’t even need to..but i still do just to make sure 🙂

I’m going shopping with my sister once she gets here and can’t wait to use my Nordstrom gift card :):):) free shopping is the best.

Hope your weekend is going well!

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