Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great and safe new years! I had a BLAST last night….probably one of the best nights i’ve ever had. I stuck my diet throughout the day…and actually didn’t drink at all last night. Everyone i was with was drunk enough to keep me entertained for days and i was so tired that i might as well have been drunk (slap happy). I am a very outgoing person and when I am around drunk people and a little bit tired….I think im the craziest one haha.

I went to bed at 3AM and was planning on NOT working out at all today and just resting…but my friend asked me if I was going to the gym and I decided okay i will just do some weights with him……but I ended up doing 30 min. of cardio while I waited for him….then we did Shoulders and biceps….and we went HARD…it felt awesome….and afterwards i did 45 minutes of cardio with him because that is his new years resolution to do more cardio…then my sister showed up at the gym so i told her i’d do some cardio with her…just 20 minutes….but totaled an hour and 35 min. of cardio and an hour of hard strength training! So much for not working out haha.

Meals have been good today as well….egg whites and raspberries for breakfast…..a Balance Pure bar and an apple on the way to the gym(dont usually eat bars but i was hungry and those are the best ones i can find as far as ingredients go)…then i had a protein shake after my workout…chicken brown rice and green beans for lunch with another apple and some raspberries and now im getting ready to go to a movie.


Leave me comments and let me know how yours was!


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