Early wake up!

Sorry i haven’t posted in a few days I have been super busy!

This morning I woke up at about 430 am. I am kind of sick so i just couldn’t sleep anymore. I met with a figure competitor yesterady to get some advice on my training and food plan. I’m getting really excited! She said she thinks I will be able to get ready for the show(it is in March), so that was good news!

I have been eating well for the past few days and although I’m sick, i feel good…even though that sounds kinda weird haha. When I get sick, i like to still do a little bit of strength training and some cardio if i feel up to it. It is probably psychological but when I workout, I sweat and i feel like i’m sweating out all the bad germs that got me sick in the first place.

This morning for breakfast I had a little bit of tomato soup to make my throat feel better, some strawberries and my usual egg white breakfast. I’m supposed to meet a friend at the gym to do some running this morning, so I am going to try to do it but if im not feeeling well I don’t want to push it, i just need to get better as soon as possible.


One thought on “Early wake up!

  1. Fit, Healthy Hips says:

    Figure competition eh? That has got to take some serious balls. Go you! I’m no where near that point but in all honest its something I’d like to strive for.

    Let us know how everything goes 🙂


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