Merry Christmas!

Hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday! I am only somewhat enjoying myself. Today is my dad’s birthday, my older brother is in town, and somehow my entire family feels the need to be difficult. Why is it so hard to get myfamily together and enjoy themselves? Everyone has to complain about something and it gets frustrating!

Annyways…..I decided not to go nuts with food just because its the holidays. I am in a good feeling mode this week and if I don’t feel like splurging, then why waste the calories? So here is a recap of today…

Woke up very early for some reason and decided to start my day. I had my usual egg whites and oatmeal. I also decided that my christmas treat today was going to be a slice of bread with some low sugar jelly on it. Haha i know i’m a lame-o. I headed off to the gym and had an AWESOME workout.

I did back and triceps…about 16 sets of back exercises and 13 sets of tricep exercises. And i worked hard! The gym was pretty ghostly this morning which meant no distractions! I pushed it and im proud of it.

It didn’t stop there though, because I still had cardio to do. I decided today was going to be a “whatever i feel like for 45 minutes” That ended up being a mixture of running at variuos speeds (6.0mph-7.0mph) and incline walking at between 3.3mph-3.6mph at a 10-15% incline. I was sweating like crazy and felt like jello when I got off. To me thats a good workout 😀

Lunch was the usual..chicken, brown rice and vegetables ..and an apple.

I had some afternoon snacks (oatmeal, some nuts, and a bar) not too long ago…so dinner will be pretty small

I’ll leave you with this…..

How can you not love that face?!?!?! My 9 month old baby (Already 70 pounds!!!!)


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Kristine says:

    AWW cute puppy. My brother has one just like him, his name is Rooger. He is about 5 now and a H U G E dog. Big baby though.
    Good job getting your w/o done on the holiday. I wish I could but my kids were going crazy.


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