whey protein

I have decided just now that im eating my whey protein with my oatmeal because i really hate protein powder and water. I get it down, but not easily. Yuckky. I would loveeeeeeee any ideas of other ways to use protein powder because i really just don’t like it in water.

Haha on another note..i got all of my holiday shopping done…with the exception of one gift…and also got my hair done today!

I have to work tomorrow and the day after christmas 😦 but oh well.

By the way…if anyone read my post about the negative workout i did…i am STILL sore from it..my back and biceps especially..which my biceps rarely get sore and if they ever do, it lasts maybe a few hours….its been like three days! I highly recomend it. I plan on doing another one as soon as i recover from this one haha.

Had an awesome shoulder workout today.

If you guys would like me to post my workout schedules, i can do that and also if anyone needs some help with putting together a strength workout, i would be more than happy to do so! I have trained people before so this is something that i am very capable of doing …and its free!


2 thoughts on “whey protein

  1. Madison Song says:

    I have a hard time getting whey protein down too, i think thats a good idea to add it to your oatmeal! sounds like a good combo =)
    and great job on getting your christmas shopping done!!


  2. Sunny says:

    I take something similar with soy protein and 14 Chinese fruits & veggies in a powder, I shake it up with 4 oz of orange juice and add a little water, and drink it down. I'm ok with drinking a little orange juice if it means being able to drink my shake without gagging. 🙂 I'd love to read about some of your workouts, maybe it would get me moving too!


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