As i attended our office holiday party today…I noticed that when i was offered food and i politely declined…i felt as if i got a glare or perhaps a cold shoulder from people.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? This even happens to me at some family gatherings..I will say “No thank you, im not hungry” or im okay thanks!…im always very polite about it and thankful for the offer..but still I feel that people kind of get angry with me just because i don’t want to eat!

Anyone feel my drift?


2 thoughts on “Glares

  1. Katschi says:

    I turned down every single offer of food at work and people were thankfully very supportive.
    I hate food pushers and the ones who get offended but that’s their problem. I think it’s envy for some.
    Good for you for having a strong backbone to stick with your convictions!


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