I feel yucky today. And strayed far far far from the diet today yet again. Not a good idea. I am not feeling guilty about it or anything but i know that i won’t be looking like jamie eason or kristal richardson anytime soon if i keep this up. No more excuses. Especially the way Im feeling right now. Bloated, full, even water is hard to get down. I just hate feeling puffy the day after so I am trying to get in some water. Oh well, it is inevitable. My workouts have been great, so that is something positive. But usually my workouts aren’t the problem with me. I have a great workout ethic. If only I could have that same attitude towards dieting.

I actually did have that attitude towards dieting back in march-juneish. I lost about 12 pounds during that time too. It was easier then though because i had a boy in my life to keep my occupied. There weren’t any times where i was “bored so i’ll just eat” But that is no excuse. I have been able to diet without him so I know its just my laziness.

No more of that! hold me accountable people.

On another positive note the fact that i don’t feel guilt is a big step for me because usually i would be hating myself right now, but i also in the past felt like i coudln’t take control. Now i feel in control and just am not using that control!

OK enough of the rant. GOodnight!


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