Today was a looooonngggg day. I got in a really weight session. For hams and glutes I did deadlifts, ham curls, 45 degree hypers, and hip thrusts. Then for abs i did some hanging leg raises, and a few different types of crunches..some with resistance and some with out. I try not to do weighted ab exercises as often because they make my abs look big rather than just well defined. My goal with abs is to have them be more defined but I don’t want them to puff out. I like to call it “ninja turtle belly” hehe. And with my small chest, i really dont need abs that are bigger then my boobs 🙂 Just a personal preference.

I also tried to take pictures at the gym but when I went to turn on my camera, the battery was dead. Tomorrow there should be a few 🙂

Anyways after that I did 45 minutes of incline walk on the treadmill. I mixed it up between 8-15% incline and 3.3-4.0 mph. I am laying off of the running because I need to preserve as much muscle as I can while doing my cardio sessions!

After the work out I drank a muscle milk. I got out of the gym later than expected because I got caught up talking to people on my way out and ended up having to rush to get ready for work. Being my rush-act…I was only able to drink a protein shake and eat a hard boiled egg for lunch. I brought another Muscle milk to work to eat in the afternoon and for dinner this evening I cooked some turkey on a skillet and ate it with about a tablespoon of sugar-reduced ketchup and a side of mixed vegetables. I’m not much of a cook, so my meals are usually very simple.

I plan on laying on the couch for the rest of the evening, and I may go to a movie with some friends, but probably just going to sleep early!



One thought on “Relaxation!

  1. Corinne says:

    OK…is someone planning this diet out or what? Are you building or cutting? If I have to ask then you need a little help. 🙂 I think your diet is leading to your off days on eating. If you have a solid meal plan (and it doesn’t have to be fancy) then it should help with other stuff.

    BTW…Muscle Milk is a crap protein drink. You need a better one that is cleaner. Try BSN if flavor is an issue or Optimum Nutrition. Both make better powders. And, most of the time a competitor doesn’t take in too much if any shakes during lean out. You have to eat real food. Trust me…I missed them when I was leaning for my comps. They are like dessert to me. 🙂


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